THE EVENT – A Summary of What THE EVENT Will Be like

This event is an initial, very intense, energetic impulse, emitted
from the centre or heart of our galaxy, which will be transmitted
via our Sun.
This energy will be felt by every human being on planet Earth.
This energy will penetrate every atom of our physical constitutionand will create beneficial changes in our DNA, so that
in the future we can evolve spiritually in an accelerated way.

People will feel a state of happiness inside, and those who are
prepared will even have states of inner illumination.
They will very clearly understand what the notion of God means
and they will feel a state of perfect happiness and delight.
At the same time, that energy will bring a vitality and a subtle shine
that may even be visible on the skin of the face, a special inner shine.

It also specified that this first impulse will last exactly
14 minutes 58 seconds.

It represents exactly the heart beat of our galaxy.

So, it actually is the frequency of our galaxy.

Not by chance, about 14 minutes is the time it takes for a free neutron
to form into a proton and an electron, i.e. in the two polarities.
The energy emitted by our own galaxy via our Sun
will be permanently felt by people and we will have this feeling
of a subtle charging which will bring us extra hope and joy;
it will ensure a quick spiritual path.

Anesh showed me that when this event occurs there will be seen
a certain specific brightness if it takes place during the night,
something very similar to the light at the poles when
the Aurora Borealis appears.

If the event occurs during the day, people will see a particular
brightness in the sky and will feel a great happiness inside
when seeing the very bright and shining blue above their head.

It is a UNIQUE chance that is offered to us
for an illuminating leap of our consciousness.It will be a unique moment in our planet’s history
and even in universal history.

But Anesh also stated that this will also be the only energy
which will protect those who follow the path of evolution.
The Event will surely take place and it will be an amazing opportunity
for human beings to orientate themselves on the path of evolution,
to progress in an exceptional way from an energetic
and spiritual viewpoint.

The extraordinarily powerful energetic pulse will illuminate
the life down to the lowest forms of it, even at the level of bacteria
or amorphous ground.It will mean practically an update of the DNA of the human being
to what it actually is as potential, according to the destiny
and choice that each of us will make.

Then people will understand the nature of things and will have

an intuition of the truth; they will awaken as if from a very long
and deep sleep and they will see everything around them penetrated
by a divine light.But, according to the saying:

“God gives, but He does not do it for you”
people will have to personally make the choice of road thatthey want to go on: either the one of stagnation, involution
and suffering in the old paradigm, or the one of happiness,
and ascension into a world of spirituality and light.

Furthermore, this colossal energetic pulse will represent from
the etheric viewpoint an infusion of vital energy in the etheric plane
of the Earth, in which the Sirian civilisation is presently
established and they want to consolidate it in order to replacethe old flawed etheric plane, full of energetic blockages,
which satanic and demonic entities have used extensively to subdue
and control human beings, especially in the last thousand years.

Immediately after the huge emission of the pulse of illuminating energy,
there will be some events so disturbing on Earth
that it will be the only energy that can protect people,who will be subjected to difficult trials.

According to the information I received, I noticed that the impulse
which will be emitted at the time of the Event will open a new era
in the civilisation on Earth.
From that time people will be able to choose to live a permanent
beneficial state of happiness and to have a hope in God or to deny
this state and enter in the state of pessimism or even to reject
those beneficial energies.
After that time, the social level will feel a powerful movement
of the recovery of independence, both at the individual
and national level.
People will have more hope in God, they will have more confidence
in demanding their rights and will observe how society will split
between those who want to evolve and take a step forward and those who,
on the contrary, are resolved only to keep the past, past habits
and traditions, refusing to see the inner light which has
already been born in those who have awoken.
Anesh stated very clearly that this event is a divine gift,
it is a spiritual gift and represents energy emitted by all beings
who have had states of illumination or liberation in the planetary systems
that belong to the 200 stars of our own galaxy, which form “the network”.
These special states are accumulated and transmitted to Earth
so that every human being on this planet has the chance to choose good
or evil.
Even if some human beings prefer to fool themselves, thinking that

humanity’s ascension to a higher level of vibration will follow
a smooth course without any hardships, we have to say, however,
that this thinking hides, behind the good intentions displayed,
a great immaturity and even a latent fear in their being.
These unfortunate human beings prefer to hide behind some slogans
about peace and love, without being able to see or to understand
in depth all the real consequences of energetic manifestations
in the world.
They build their own world, hoping this will shelter them

from suffering.
In reality, nobody is looking for problems, suffering or
difficulty, however the universal dynamics are such that to reach
the light you have to pass the test of darkness.

As Anesh said, the Event would disturb the malefic entities
very much, they will immediately leave their “lairs”, seeking to
influence human beings again in the direction of fear, anger
and violence, in order to return the pattern of oppression and control
over humanity.

For this they will use any means, without hiding any more.

Of course, they will act through those beings who already
sold themselves long ago or were subverted, in general political
leaders or bankers.

Most of them are so corrupt and flawed, that even after the Event
they would present a fertile land for the shadowy actions
of malefic entities, who will influence them to take decisions
of the most severe nature against the population.

Therefore, a short while after the emission of the extraordinary pulse
of illuminating cosmic energy, disturbing events will take
place on Earth.

There will be very difficult times, when people will be tested severely.
Many truths, many secrets will come to light, which will make
people indignant.

Unlike the current situation where there is no consistency
of opinion and will, which includes a large number of people,
after the Event the masses of people will come out and demand
their rights with great courage and determination.

However, Anesh also stated a very interesting fact:
even if for many people it will be difficult to understand or to believe
that they can get out of these situations, the support of the
illuminating pulse of energy will lead them unfailingly
to overcome, in an almost miraculous way, all these difficulties.

Following the event, society will awaken, will have a surplus
of energy and of course the dark forces are going to be very disturbed
by this spiritual awakening of humanity.

Because instead of living in a permanent fear and in a permanent
attitude of looking in their wallet and wanting to work
for a living, now they will want spiritual freedom again.

We will have the strength to demand our rights
and spiritual independence.

Then these beings, who live off of our fear, will have the tendency
to come to the surface, causing discomfort for society and creating
a lot of tension.
To re-create the fear, to re-create pessimism or destructive states.
Beings who fully receive these beneficial states and also
appreciate their real value will refuse the evil which is born
in other human beings and will persist in requesting their rights
and especially in asking for spiritual independence.

In certain situations I even saw that there will be powerful social
movements, governments who will brutally try to stop certain events.
I did not necessarily notice very large wars or conflicts; however,
at the social level, the human level, the tension will be significant.

At the same time, what I can tell you is that the two camps:
human beings who have experienced a state of happiness or illumination
and pessimistic beings, will have the tendency to gain emotional
and subtle territories.

There will often be conflicts, both among young people, as well as
between older people, who will want to show a beneficial state or,
on the contrary, a malefic state.

Approximately 3 years after the Event, during which time all these
social disorders will take place, the two “camps” will “divide”:
the pessimists will give up to ascension and will remain locked in
the physical, material plane, starting to fight each other;
those who have transformed inside will begin to be break away from this
little by little, forming spiritual communities of the new era on Earth.

Although those times will be difficult, it will also mean
a dizzying pace of disclosures.

Their rhythm will be extraordinary and, to some extent, at least
for “optimists” camp, this will ease the difficulties through which
they will pass.